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Dr. Isabelle Alessandra, President and Chief Workshop Facilitator
Isabelle Alessandra is a pioneer of original training programs, and her skill set is a result of intense study and practice of adult learning theory, and an outstanding personal record in leading people in large- and small-scale operations to design and deliver cutting-edge educational programs. 

Her career spans over 25 years of comprehensive experience in education, design and delivery of early childhood training programs, professional leadership, and management consulting. She has excelled in team and leadership roles as a director of two large nation-wide non-profit organizations, a school and district administrator, an assistant lecturer in higher educations, a mixed age grade k -1- 2 teacher, and as a teaching and leadership/ organizational management coach.

As a grant writer, Isabelle has successfully secured over $250 Million in federal grants from Administration of Children and Families (ACF), as well as funding from the US Department of Labor for her clients. 

Isabelle holds a Doctor of Education in Education Policy and Administration from the University of Southern California, with a special emphasis on Leadership and Change Management. Isabelle's B.Ed. Degree major is in Early Childhood Education from the University of Alberta in Canada.
Dr. Sharon Shaffer, 
Consulting Trainer

Sharon E. Shaffer is an internationally renowned early childhood consultant specializing in providing object-based learning programming to younger children. 

Previously, Sharon served nearly twenty-five years as Executive Director of the Smithsonian Early Enrichment Center. She is the only educator ever to receive the Smithsonian Institution's Secretary’s Gold Medal for Exceptional Service.

Sharon specializes in teaching and learning strategies that promote high levels of cognitive thinking and engagement. Her knowledge of how to use art and artifacts in the early childhood classroom provides an extremely successful and accessible teaching approach. Her work with teachers is grounded in a deep understanding of young children and how they learn: making it interactive, connecting it with the children’s own prior experiences, and letting them express their ideas.

Besides the work she does with Innovative in Head Start programs, Sharon also has her own consulting company  working with  museums and in this capacity has presented workshops and consulted across the United States and in countries such as China, Qatar and Sweden, to name only a few. She has a Ph.D. in education from the University of Virginia and currently teaches graduate courses at UVA.
About Innovative Early Childhood Education Systems, LLC
Innovative ECE Systems is a Southern California based consulting company founded in Los Angeles, California in 2003. We are dedicated to the extremely important work of improving the quality of early childhood teaching and learning. We care about our clients and we bring to our work a deep respect for how challenging the task of finding a balance between work and life can be.  

Innovative  is a woman-owned and operated early childhood education consulting company located in Southern California. Innovative's research-based services are renowned for their high quality design and execution, and for the importance their team members place in making sure the people they work with feel valued and respected (and that they have fun too!).
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Committed to helping our clients achieve their dreams
Innovative achieves significant gains in 215 teachers' satisfaction, practice and confidence, as reported by LAUP's formal evaluation of their 12-day Teacher Institute 

A direct quote from LAUP's (Los Angeles Universal Preschool) formal evaluation findings: 

"Year 5 Teacher Institute demonstrated not only the highest satisfaction rating in all 5 years (96.7%) but also yielded the most attendees (215). Teachers who attended the institute [where all trainings were conducted by Innovative] were asked about several instructional techniques and practices and how often they demonstrated the techniques in the classroom.The same questions were then given after the Training Institute in order to analyze an influence on teaching practices. Every single technique and practice was statistically increased following the training instutute. Similarly, teachers reported a significant increase in confidence in teaching preschool mathematics (97%)."

Source: LAUP Teacher Institute Year 5 (2013-14) Report, Research and Evaluation, March 2014